Before an appointment

  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing; with pants it is especially important that they easily roll up to the knee
  • Have a little food in your stomach within an hour or two of the treatment
  • When you brush your teeth, please do not brush your tongue a couple of days before the treatment since the tongue coating is an important diagnostic tool
  • To maximize the treatment effect, avoid vigorous exercise, hot tubs, heavy meals, and intoxicants for several hours before and after a treatment
  • One treatment can have a strong effect but a course of treatments (usually 10-12) is beneficial when dealing with any long-standing health issues

Coming in for the first time?

If you would like to download forms clicking on the button or the PDF icon will open a new patient form in a new window

To save time, please print, fill out, and bring to your first appointment.
Patient Forms 2024.pdf
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